Tiffany & Josh High Invite You To The #1 Event For Active Wholesalers & Flippers Looking For A Better Way To Systemize & Scale

In Just 2 Days Learn the Proven System to Build a Team & Scale.

It’s Time To Gain The Edge Of A High-Performance Investing Business So You Can Lock Up Contracts At Scale, Reclaim Your Time, and Finally Unlock 🔓 Your Full Potential 🚀


Columbus Ohio - In our office


At the Results Driven 2-Day Workshop, our team has one goal: to help you learn the proven system for recruiting, onboarding, and managing key team members. Plus our proven dispositions and marketing processes.

If you're tired of feeling stuck, like there is no way out of the grind, if you're finally ready to make an investment that will get you out of the rat race...


✅ Get hands-on experience by shadowing our team.

 You're going to sit with every key player in our ACTIVE real estate company so you can see exactly what they do to help us strive for 300+ transactions a year.

Our only criteria is that you are highly driven to succeed.

We can show you the way, but if you don't plan on following through, save everyone some time and stay home. This event is for go-getters who relish the challenge and hard work it will take to be a top performers.

Go Home With Your Customized Roadmap to Success

While building a successful investing business follows a common path to success, the unique thing about yours is.... YOU... While you're here we'll help you devise the perfect plan that fits your business so you leave having an actionable roadmap for YOUR success.

If you want to stop feeling stuck and get back to that excitement you felt when you started... then THIS EVENT is for your


Before The 2 Day Workshop 😭

  • Inconsistent and unsystematized marketing leading to inconsistent deal flow

  • No lead flow, no lead management, no deal process

  • Struggling to scale past a handful of deals at a time

  • No recruiting, hiring, or onboarding working in the background to build your A-Team

  • Acquisitions team members who can never seem to close as well as you

  • Dispo'ing to same old tired buyers over and over

  • A dispo department that is an expense instead of an asset

  • No provent system to maximize contract spread (aka profit)

  • Hustler mentality not a leader mentality

After The 2 Day Workshop 🤑

  • In-depth understanding of all currently available marketing channels, how to use them, and when to use them. This isn't theory, this is based on what's actually working in our own REI business today.

  • A consistent flow of leads AND CONTRACTS that becomes predictable, reliable, and most importantly... scalable. This is how YOU WORK LESS!

  • A proven 5-day onboarding process for acquisitions so that you find, vet, train, and retain the most powerful closers (or really anyone)in the business.

  • Steal our time tested systems to build your dispositions team, develop VIP buyers, and find the most profitable exit strategy for EVERY CONTRACT!

  • Our dummy-proof method that allows your dispositions department to offload contracts in record time and unlock an overlooked stream of revenue!

  • The exact SOP's to build a transaction coordination team that ensures no contract dies from lack of attention or falling through the cracks.

  • Learn how YOU can become your business' LEADER instead of its linchpin. Stop the grind of working IN your business so you can work ON your business. We'll show you how to drive culture, develop talent that will go to war for you, and build the business you've been envisioning!



The moment you realize you were meant to attend this event

Day 0 is where you get to step into our investing world, look over the shoulder of our high performance team, see how every role works together, and begin to understand where you're heading. You'll see what it takes to run a high-caliber team that is locking up 300+ contracts a year.

This day is almost universally the most exciting day for our attendees. You see, unlike other REI educators out there who stop doing the business and just teach their tired, old, dated, strategies. We're actively running our REI business right now.

Because we're doing nearly a deal a day right now you'll be able to pull the curtain back and really see what it takes.

  • Sit with every key member and look over their shoulder to see how that role is dialed-in for driving more contracts and volume.

  • Steal the exact process that our sales manager uses to coach the sales team to record-setting months.

  • Learn what it takes to be a leader that creates leaders. This is the roadmap to removing yourself and recapturing your time.

  • Why the RIGHT team is more important than the right tools.

  • Why it's so important for your team to be physically with you. Virtual sounds great but we'll show you how in-person pays for itself over and over again.

  • The difference a "growth" vs "cut cost" mindset will make to your bottom line

  • See what driving company culture from the top down actually looks and feels like

Even if you ONLY came for this one day, you'd walk away having a better picture of how to build out your business for scalability... but you've got 2 full days after this too!


Day 1 is all about systems & processes. We're going to show you step by step what you need to build out in your business to replicate what we've done. You saw it in action during Shadow Day. Now it's time to understand the components it requires to build that same machine into your business.

On Day 1, you're going to:

  • Better understand seller psychology so that you can negotiate the best margins on every contract.

  • Master the audit process for calls - this one technique will singlehandedly drive your sales velocity

  • Map out your infrastructure. Locking up 300+ contracts a year doesn't happen without a plan. You can copy-paste our plan into your business once you understand it.

  • Map out the pay structure for every position in your company so that you're team is incentivized to win, and you're able to hire the best and build a dream team.

  • Walk through our culture playbook. The simple and replicable steps to creating raving fans of YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

  • Networking dinner. If you're going to spend 2 days with us, you might as well have some fun and network too!


Build Your Foundation To Scale Faster Than You Thought Possible

We know you're ready to scale your business, we know you're ready to stop working IN your business and instead work ON it. We know you probably don't have the right foundations to do this.... how do we know?

Because we were there ourselves not too long ago. Day 2 is all about showing you what we learned, helping you avoid the mistakes we made, and getting to your end goal faster and easier.

On Day 2, you're going to learn:

  • Our simple 4-Step recruiting process, including HR Policies & Procedures - Your team will make or break your business.

  • Advanced Marketing - every possible channel you need to know about and how to use them in TODAY's market.

  • Dispositions - The step-by-step system we use to ensure that we can sell a contract within hours instead of weeks.

  • Accounting, KPIs, & Growth - Everything you need to make sure you have the money, metrics, and maturity to scale.

"Why Do I Need This

Right Now?

Ever go to an event that didn’t pay off? They got you all hyped up on dance 🕺🏻 music, showed you some motivational videos, fired a bunch of information at you through a fire hose, and you went home feeling super motivated. 

Then the next day you woke up and realized you didn’t really learn anything 🤔 that could actually help you improve your business, nor do you have any concrete steps to apply the information that was shared to your business to help it grow. 

The hype music and motivation are gone. It’s just you back in the everyday grind again minus the money you paid for the event.

Sound Familiar? We know... because we've been there.

This iS NoT that Event

We're Tiffany and Josh High

Meet Tiffany and Josh, dynamic real estate investors who turned their ambitious dreams into a thriving empire. Starting in 2015 as house flippers, they quickly conquered the real estate market, completing 40 flips in their first year alone. Their journey took a pivotal turn in year two when they discovered wholesaling, securing over 165 contracts, and beginning to build their dream team. Yet, they faced a crucial learning curve—realizing the power of combining flipping and wholesaling, they restructured their business within 90 days to better align with their vision.

Now, with over 1,000 house deals under their belt, averaging 20+ contracts per month, Tiffany and Josh utilize a robust strategy mix, including flipping, wholesaling, creative financing, novations, and building a cash-flowing rental portfolio. Their success has also enabled them to become private money lenders, amplifying their impact across the real estate industry.

Beyond their financial achievements, Tiffany and Josh are dedicated to giving back. Tiffany has built multiple 7-figure companies, with both founders deeply committed to community enhancement and helping thousands of investors nationwide to build, stabilize, and scale efficiently.

They are dedicated to helping you build and scale a real estate investing company with this hands-on training that's unlike any other.


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